Cambridge Public Library in November

Almost every day I ride over to Cambridge Public Library and usually park in their convenient lower garage.

The place is huge with giant glass windows looking out onto a small field with a few trees providing canopy for relaxing guests on the lawn.  People lay out blankets and have lunch or take a nap.  The library has nice lounge chairs propped in front of the windows where I usually type away at graduate school papers or read a book.

There is the occasional homeless guy using it as a safe haven during the day, but they stay respectful and quite most of the time without harassing anyone.  I don’t know what it is about libraries. They give me a feeling of purpose and wonder I guess because I’m surrounded by so many great books and art work.  I always feel like I just did something worthy after I leave a library like this one in Cambridge.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s located  near Harvard Square and Porter Square, which happens to be two of my favorite hangouts in the Boston area.  I currently use the library to search for jobs, or even formulate a career path aligned with my current studies.

It sits next to Cambridge Latin School which is a highly respected High School in the area.  I guess the only downfall is that it’s very close to Harvard and I find Harvard students to be some of the biggest spoiled brats on Earth. I don’t like the energy of the place. I feel like I need a bath when I walk through the campus and get elitist passwersby and pseudo-intellectuals who look down on non-Harvard people.  Funny thing is, I haven’t met many Harvard graduates who impress me. Most of them are average at best thinkers, but they carry and unearned entitlement that makes you want to kick them in the balls and send them to military bootcamp for a few years.

Anyway, enjoy the Cambridge Library if you can. It’s a place where everyone is welcome and you can escape the Harvard stench around the corner.

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In the Louisville Neon

Visiting Louisville and I’m looking at a neon barber sign and a neon yoga sign from inside my neon lit coffee shop.  Not sure why this is a topic worth writing about….Mainly, I’m just trying to exercise my writing muscles.

I got myself into the new Volkswagen Beetle and made an hour long trip to Bardstwon from the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville.  On the day after Christmas, I didn’t expect the beautiful, bucolic landscape lit by a potent December sun.  The rolling hills were splashed with beutiful light at about 4 p.m. today and hover overhead was a pink sky.

The cows were lounging in the mud holes spotted upon the fenced farms around the Mt. Washington and and outside Fern Creek.  Once arriving in Bardstown, voted as America’s most beautiful small town, I drove around the downtown square passing some Victorian houses and well kept sidewalks.

I found a coffee shop to stave off my headache forming as a result of ice coffee deprivation.  The young, mop headed coffee bar tender poured a hot pot of coffee over a large cup of ice. At that point, I was sorely disappointed while understanding I was in fact in small town America.  I thanked him and realized I was probably a big city coffee snob at this point in my life.

Leaving the shop, I hopped in the VW and headed back towards Louisville and the drive back was just as picturesque as the drive there.  I wondered if I could ever live in a small town and enjoy it.  I romanticize the thought occasionally, but wonder if I would miss big city embellishments or neon glitz.

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Whiteness in America Yeah?

So I read this article recently on NPR about “whiteness in America” and thought it was kind of funny.

It’s regarding white people in America feeling they don’t get a fair shake all the time.   In addition, there are complaints about the media unfairly singling out so-called “minorities” as the ones always getting discriminated against….

With increasing diversity in America, this issue will continue to intensify.  I feel it’s just a matter of time before white people start becoming more vocal and angry about always being accused of racism when racism is a fact that occurs across racial lines.  White people don’t hold a monopoly on racism.

This does not ignore the fact there has been institutional racism historically around the world. We know that.  But do two wrongs make a right?  Do we correct that past sin by promoting more reverse racism today?

What do you think?





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Pros and Cons of Living in Boston

My pros and cons of living in Boston comes from my 4 years of current living experience in this city.


– You can walk or bike anywhere.  This is huge for me. You don’t need to put a lot of miles on your car in this city. You can walk, bike, or ride the subway pretty much anywhere.  You will be in better shape because you are forced to  walk to some places unlike living in suburbia.

– Lots of good seafood and ethnic restaurants

– Lots of good art and music.  This has a lot to do with the numerous universities and art schools around the town

– Lots of education opportunities.  Boston has more universities and colleges around than any other city in the Unites States. You are living near a very educated populace being here.  I enjoy this because most people you meet are average or better educated compared to most of the United States.  I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to converse with people who utilize a vocabulary above an 8th grad level!

– Good coffee. I’ve been to some great coffee shops in this town with great coffee and teas.  If you need an air conditioned coffee house during the muggy summer while riding on your bicycle, you can find one around any corner.

– Many different neighborhoods are available in Boston with different atmospheres and aesthetics.  I recommend Brookline, Jamaica Plain, the North End, and Cambridge just to name a few.  I live near Porter Square and Harvard.  The area has everything I need as a 40 year old adult attending graduate school and forging a new career.


– People can be cold. It’s true, you can get some rude behavior and lack of warmth from Bostonites at times.  This is especially true while driving around Boston and trying to find an elusive parking spot!

– It’s cold in the winter and it’s gray.  You must double on the Vitamin D in the winter or you better get ready for some blues to set in your psyche.

– Streets don’t make sense.  The streets are terribly designed because they are based on the same routes they used in the 1800s.  You will be completely lost without a GPS.  It is the craziest driving I’ve ever been around after living in 4 major cities.

– Real estate is expensive.  Just like many world class cities, expect to pay a lot for real estate.  I’m currently in a dilemma about whether or not to pay the high price for a house in this area or to continue and pay high rents.  Either way, you will be paying above average prices compared to the rest of the United States.



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Girl with Green Eyes Water Color

girl green eyes water colorHere is a girl with green eyes I painted with water colors.  She has no particular significance in my life. It was just a face I drew with pen and ink. This piece has a childish feel and isn’t “sophisticated” as a painting, but a lot of my art is that way for some reason.  It could be possibly because I’ve never been formally trained as an artist, which might be obvious to some by looking at this piece….But that’s o.k. I’m satisfied with it. Feel free to comment….thanks, Tyler

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